3 Major Real Estate Trends for 2019

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Man pointing to smart home control

The new year brings renewed opportunities for transformation, and for many people, that includes a change of living situation. No matter if you’re looking to sell your current dwelling or buy your first home, it’s important to keep abreast of current real estate trends. Luckily an experienced Realtor in Sun Prairie, WI will be able to help. Here are three of the patterns we expect to see emerge in the housing market during 2019.    


The current move towards smart homes is gaining steam, and you can expect that to continue in 2019. While some of the earliest incarnations of this technology were directed at automation of home entertainment systems, today’s products do much more:

  • Locking and unlocking doors for guests
  • Regulating temperature
  • Starting meals cooking in ovens
  • Automatic ordering of groceries and other items
  • Recording potential package thieves
  • Turning lights on and off while you’re away

Beyond automation, green technology is also on track to continue a steady pattern of growth through 2019 and beyond. Between environmental concerns and rising energy prices, home buyers are increasingly looking for properties with high-efficiency appliances and green energy devices such as solar panels.


While there are a lot of people looking for homes crammed full of technology, there’s also a growing movement towards simplicity. Smaller spaces force homeowners to only keep the things they absolutely need, which could be appealing for those looking to walk away from materialism. A small home can be easier to keep clean and much more affordable in terms of property taxes and climate control expenses. The smaller environment can also create a more intimate existence, and it takes less effort to make the space your own.

Millennials Entering the Home Market

In years past, members of the Millennial generation had largely been content sitting on the sidelines of the housing market as renters, but that is starting to change. As younger people start settling down and having families, they begin moving to suburbs in search of better schools and more space for their children to grow, but they maintain their generational sensibilities. As a seller, it’s important to market to millennials in a way that fits their lifestyle, which means more marketing through social media and better utilization of photography and video.

Choose the Right Realtor

No matter if you’re looking to buy or sell, you give yourself the best chance of a great deal by working with an experienced real estate agent in Sun Prairie, WI. Leslie the Realtor is up-to-date on all of the trends that are expected in 2019 and looking ahead into the next decade, which is why you can trust her to help you get the most out of your home buying or selling experience. To schedule an appointment, contact Leslie the Realtor online or give her a call today at 608-334-4052.