Jared & Carly

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Finding the perfect home takes a good realtor.

Jared and Carly were relocating from Iowa and closing day was finally here!

Due to the distance, they elected to do the final walk through of their new home hours before closing.

One of the remedies that the seller was supposed to fix was the installation of a radon mitigation system. While we were inspecting the fixes, a red flag went up! Was the new radon system installed too close to the electrical panel? After several calls, we were able to confirm with an electrician that it was not in compliance.

I told my buyers, “Do not to worry, I will have this taken care of!” I was able to reach out the listing agent and radon installer as we drove over to sign the closing paperwork. By the time we made it to the title company, we had a letter from the radon installer waiting in my email stating that they guarantee their work and the problem with be fixed free of charge.

Jared and Carly were relieved; we were back on track and the closing continued as scheduled.